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Dropshipping Is Evolving. What Used To Work Doesn't Anymore. Get Head Of The Game With The MOST EFFECTIVE Dropshipping Method That's KILLING It Right Now!


The Rundown On This Program

Look, Dropshipping Is Changing

Like any industry, dropshipping is evolving, and if you want to keep up, you need to get with the times and stay up to date on what's working right now. Succeeding in business is all about being able to see what's around the next corner, and that's why I created this course, to help you see around the corner in our industry.

The old strategies of throwing up a generic general store and testing 100's of products on that store is just outdated and flat out not effective anymore. A lot of people think that dropshipping is dead, it's not, but the way most people are trying to do it is. 

With online shopping becoming more and more prevalent and mainstream, competition in ecommerce is skyrocketing. Buying products online is becoming more and more normal, and with that, the typical offline consumer habits are making their way into the online world. Think of this really quickly. You are looking to buy a new blender, and you have two physical stores selling the same blender near you. They are the same exact distance away from your current location. One of these stores is Walmart, the other, is a old, run down, moldy shop that looks like it was thrown together in the back of an abandoned warehouse. Which store are you going to go to to buy your blender? Yeah, of course the answer is obvious.

So what am I getting at? The old moldy shop in the abandoned warehouse is the equivalent of the half-assed general shopify store most sellers try and pass off as an actual store now-a-days. That may have worked in the infancy of ecommerce, but now that it's more mainstream, consumers expect the same levels of store quality online as they do offline. So what does this mean for you?


It's time to stop being the fly that continuously runs into the closed glass window, and try to find another opening. What worked in the past doesn't work now. So what does work now? 


After testing different strategies all year long in 2018, one strategy in specific continuously outperformed all the others for me in my stores. And that strategy is, creating a solid branded around ONE SINGLE PRODUCT. Yes, you read that correctly. Single product stores are working like gangbusters right now.

Why does this work so well? It's simple. Creating a brand around one single product allows us to come off as the "original" or the "best" of that product. This give us a HUGE advantage over other sellers, even Amazon! Because people trust brands and people want the best products, period. No one likes a cheap knock off, so why portray yourself as some discount goods shop online when you can be the original brand?

That's what this entire course is about, showing you how to find a trending product, and not just test it in some run of the mill general store, but how to create a strong brand around it, and how to market it like a boss. 

This is simple the best and most effective strategy in ecommerce right now. No exaggeration this is the "second gold rush" of dropshipping.

The question is, do you want in?

Complete A-Z Training

This program is complete A-Z training with absolutely nothing held back. With 56 training videos, nothing is skipped over and your hand is held throughout the entire process. Here's a peak at the course roadmap.

Module 1: Product Research

In order to create a killer brand, you need a killer product. Which is why the first module is all about showing you how you can find hot products that are trending right now.

Module 2: Store Setup & Brand Creation

This is where the magic begins. In this module, you'll learn exactly how you can create a powerhouse brand, that allows you to dominate the market and blow competitors out of the water. With a solid brand established, people selling the same product on a subpar store won't stand a chance.

Module 3a: Facebook Marketing

In this module you'll learn simple rinse & repeat facebook advertising strategies that you can use to market your product. You'll only be learning proven methods that have been backed by prior results, not just some random theory.

Module 3b: Google Ads Marketing

Google ads have to be the most untapped opportunity in all of ecommerce. To this day, barely any dropshippers use this amazing ad platform. Well that's their loss, because in this module you will learn how to leverage google ads to maximize the revenue from your store.

Module 3c: Instagram Influencers

Take in in depth look at how you can turn instagram influencer marketing into a science. While influencer marketing is a lot more competitive than it used to be, it is still a valuable traffic source that can be extremely effective especially early on with newer stores.

Module 4: Automation

Learn how to outsource some of the more tedious day to day tasks of your store to virtual assistants overseas. Doing this makes your store more hands off and gives you a lot more freedom to focus on the important revenue generating tasks inside of your business.

Module 5: Live Case Study

Just to make sure you understand exactly what you need to do to succeed with this strategy, you'll also be able to see a live case study where I personally took a store to over $4,000 in a single day on DAY 4 of a new store using this method.

Meet Your Instructor

Your Instructor

Jake Alexander is the founder of Casual Ecommerce, and is an ecommerce expert that has been selling products online for the last 5 years. He is widely recognized as one of the original Shopify instructors, and his training content has helped tens of thousands of people create their own ecommerce stores.

An Added Bonus

The Brand Sniping Private Facebook Group

All course members also get access to an exclusive Facebook Mastermind Group specifically for course members, The Brand Sniping private facebook group. In this group you'll not only be able to network with other like-minded entrepreneurs, but you'll also be able to ask me any questions you have as you progress through the training. Allowing me to hold your hand through the entire process!

A No Risk Opportunity

Ironclad Refund Guarantee

I stand behind all my products and training, and am confident that it will help you get the results you are looking for. If you do this program, TAKE THE NECESSARY ACTION and DO NOT get the value you were looking for then I will give you a full immediate refund. I stand behind this program 110% and the results back this up. This is why I can make this bold refund guarantee.


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